The 5 best restaurants in Karachi

There are some marvellous eateries in Karachi – from dhabas to fine dining, there’s something to suit every taste. These are Karachista’s top 5 restaurants in Karachi – all places that combine a lovely ambience with consistently great food.

Best Karachi restaurants - Beef Carpaccio at Okra
Beef Carpaccio at Okra

Best Karachi restaurants -  Okra is most peoples top pick
Okra’s rustic Mediterranean interior
1. Okra has got to be top of the charts. The tiny rustic Mediterranean style restaurant has been wowing Karachi for the last 15 years. Okra is known for high quality, fresh ingredients treated simply on a flavorsome menu. Top treats include the Fresh figs with Breseola, Smoked Trout and Black Ink Pasta. Desi items like Kheema Methi with Paratha are also firm favourites. Okra also serves some of the best breads in town including yummy olive focaccia – this is definitely not the place to pass on the bread basket. The only complaint is that Okra is so tiny and popular that getting a table is very tough.
Best Karachi restaurants -  Cafe Flo
The lovely terrace at Cafe Flo is perfect for Al Fresco dining
2. Café Flo is a Karachi institution. The best of French Bistro cuisine including favourites like French Onion soup, Lobster Thermidor, Escargots, Steak Dijonnaise, crepes and the best Hollandaise in town. There are also plenty of more modern items on the menu, all true to the restaurant’s bistro style. Café Flo has maintained its excellent standards since moving out of the Alliance Francaise and serves some of the best continental food in Karachi. The pretty terrace has a lovely atmosphere and is perfect for Karachi’s balmy nights.

Best Karachi restaurants -  Cafe Flo - grilled fish
Grilled fish with a herb pesto at Cafe Flo
Best Karachi restaurants -  Fuchsia
Fuchsia’s chic modern interior
3. Fuchsia is known for its great contemporary Thai cuisine. The chic modern interior is minimalist yet welcoming. The menu offers a great selection of Thai food, from salads and hand-wrapped dumplings to curries and stir-fry. Portions tend to be on the small side but Fuchsia gets top marks for flavor. The grilled beef salad, crispy fried red snapper in tamarind sauce and green curry are all popular picks on the menu.
Best Karachi restaurants -  Fuchsia
Modern Thai cuisine by Fuchsia
Best Karachi restaurants -  Sakura
Sakura – Japanese cuisine at the PC Hotel
4. Sakura is the only restaurant from a hotel to make it into the top five. Located on the top floor of the Pearl Continental Hotel, Sakura is Karachi’s best-loved spot for Japanese food. The Nobu-style renaissance in Japanese cuisine hasn’t hit Karachi but Sakura offers excellent if unimaginative Japanese food. It’s the place to go for great sushi and the live Teppanyaki tables make for an entertaining dining experience.
Best Karachi restaurants -  Sakura
Sushi by Sakura
Best Karachi restaurants -  Kolachi
Kolachi’s sea-facing terraces are among Karachi’s most beautiful dining spots
Best Karachi restaurants -  Kolachi
BBQ at Kolachi
5. Kolachi is a relative newcomer but has rapidly won a space in the hearts of Karachi foodies. Located at “Do Darya”, a beachfront avenue deep in Phase 8 of Defence, Kolachi is easily the most popular of the many seafront restaurants in this somewhat remote location. Consisting of elegant wooden sea-facing terraces, Kolachi has a charming and unique atmosphere. The menu includes Chinese and continental items but it’s the Lebanese and Traditional Pakistani fare that draws the most crowds. The Lahori fish, Hunza Kebab and Kolachi Karahi are all must-try items at Kolachi.
Best Karachi restaurants -  Kolachi
The scent of sea breezes adds to the charm of Kolachi’s pretty terraces
It was incredibly hard to narrow this list down to the top 5 and there were some strong contenders on the shortlist including Café Aylanto, The Deli, Pompeii and China Kitchen. Who else deserves a spot? Which Karachi restaurants would make your top five?      
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  1. The restaurants listed here cater to the posh or so-called burger community in Karachi.
    Cafe Flo, Sakura and Fuchsia charge exorbitant prices for their menu items.
    Is there a selection criteria for top-5???

  2. Fine dining is generally expensive but there are a lot of expensive restaurants that didn’t make the grade. As I said in the post I feel these restaurants combine excellent food, a great ambience and consistent quality.

  3. Kolachi is not fine-dining by any measure. I agree with the comment that this article caters to the oblivious and pretentiously rich burger female crowd of Clifton or Defence who pose with their tote-handbags and tights, roaming in shopping malls to socialize and meet for lunch and dinner at some fine-dining restaurant outlet.

    • It’s a shame that none of the “anonymous” people commenting on this piece got into the spirit of the post and talked about their own top five. Tastes differ and everyone’s top five will reflect their own personal preferences. The post was clearly meant to spark a debate about everyone’s personal favourites. Kolachi makes my top five because even though it’s not fine dining, it offers delicious food and a great atmosphere. An awful lot of male foodies are regulars at the restaurants you’re dismissing as the preserve of the “rich burger female crowd”. And by the way, some of those handbag-toting women you see in fine restaurants are responsible for schools, charities, newspapers, retail outlets and even industries. Yes some are vacuous and pretentious but a good many aren’t. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

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  6. Such a late a late comment but i would replace dynasty in avari towers with sakura its worth while your choices are the best if anyone wanted a suggestion with a nice ambiance

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  8. Well, thank you for painstakingly preparing the finest of list.
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  9. Hi Salima, great post, and agree with Okra holding the top slot!

    Btw, the pic you’ve posted of Sakura is not Sakura, it’s the old Royal/Blue Elephant Thai restaurant in PC.

  10. Okra is the best restaurant in Karachi and it is par with any better eateries in the Europe.It is pricey but the standard of food served is excellent.I loved eating in it and one of the sumptuous I ever ate anywhere in my old life.

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    Nice post… I think I’m getting curious of all these sumptuous meals. need must to try once .mnak restaurant.

  12. Last night we went to Nawab Darbar Do Darya. This is very bad experienced. Because Nawab Darbar is not good. We ordered soup 7 person different soup but he bring total three type soup. The main problem waiter understanding. we ordered chicken fried rice with chicken chili he brought dry chili.

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